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Quality Control


As a renowned bearing manufacturer in China, TFL Bearings is committed to providing quality bearing products above and beyond industry standards. We deliver bearings that exceed expectations through our quality control measures, precision engineering, durability testing, quality materials, and focus on continuous improvement. Choose TFL Bearings for reliable, high-performance bearing solutions for various industries.

Constant Temperature And Humidity Measurement Room

Bearing manufacturing is a machinery manufacturing industry in the processing precision requirements of the industry; the metal materials used have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, processing accuracy is greatly affected by temperature changes, and the measurement of the temperature affected by the error is called the temperature error, for the entire measurement system, also known as the systematic error, is the length of the measurement of an essential factor. The temperature and humidity measurement room adopts HEFRI continuous temperature and humidity machine; the temperature is controlled at 20℃±1℃, and the humidity is maintained at 40%-50% to minimize the influence of ambient temperature on the measurement results.

Constant Temperature And Humidity Measurement Room.jpeg

Advanced Measuring And Testing Equipment

The length measurement will use the Swiss production of TRIMOS HPD1500S length measuring machine; contour shape will use the Japan Tokyo Precision production of SURFCOM 1910SD3-24 roughness profiler, Suzhou Tianzhun precision instruments produced by the VMA4030 video measuring instrument; roundness measurement will use the British company Taylor's production of the TALYROND565 cylindricity instrument; the future of large-scale workpieces will be used in the German Zeiss coordinate to carry out measurements.

Testing equipment.jpeg

Raw Material Quality Control

Raw material selection TIMKEN, SKF, SHAEFFLER and other international brands recognized material standards and steel mills (such as SKF3, 100Cr6, 52100, etc.); forging and turning, cage supplier selection of international brands recognized suppliers (Dalian Fomas, Hongyang Forging, Harsha cage, Liaocheng Jindi cage, etc.).

- Sign quality assurance agreements with suppliers

- Regular supplier audits

- On-site quality control engineers, when necessary

- Advanced incoming inspection methods, C0 sampling program

- Standardized internal control operations

- Strict tolerance and precision requirements to ensure that the PPM value is below 60.

- Traceability of product quality information

bearing steel.jpeg