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Custom Bearings

TFL Bearing Company manufactures a variety of speciality bearings customized to meet specific needs. With our application, analytical, and design engineering capabilities, we will design, validate and manufacture the bearing you need. Whether it is customizing a standard design or starting from a concept, we have the capabilities to assure success.


We'll be happy to come to your facilities. We invite you to visit ours. Together we can create cost-efficient solutions to your most demanding specs, often with tolerances measured in millionths of an inch.

Our technical laboratory has the most up-to-date precision instruments and computerized equipment to evaluate bearing applications quickly and effectively. The unique "TFL Bearing Analysis System" considers bearings from several perspectives, including load and speed requirements and environmental factors affecting performance.

TFL's bearings are manufactured to the highest quality and artistry, serving the Medical, Dental, Aerospace, Defense, Spindle, Instrument, and Motor industries. Within the assembled mechanism, the fit of the ball bearing on its mating components is vital to maximizing bearing life. If the fit is too loose, the bearings slide around on the shaft, eliminating the advantages gained by selecting a precision ball bearing in the first place. If the fit is too tight, the bearing integrity may be compromised by reducing radial play in the assembly. The perfect fit enables bearings to run at peak performance for maximized end-product life.

Our bearing engineers and designers can tackle virtually any custom bearing project including:

Custom ball bearingsCustom pillow blocks or flanges
Custom roller bearingsCustom linear bearings
Custom bushingsCustom rod ends 
Custom spherical plain bearingsCustom thrust bearings