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Since the invention of the advanced self-aligning ball 100 years ago, SKF has evolved into a knowledge-based company offering its customers rare solutions in five areas of technical competence. These include bearings, bearing units, and seals, but of course, extend to other areas, including lubricants and lubrication systems, which play a critical role in the life of bearings in many applications; mechatronics, which integrates mechanical and electronic knowledge into systems to produce more efficient linear motion and sensing systems; and a full range of services, from design and logistics support to condition monitoring and dependability systems.

SKF's business has three main divisions: Industrial, Automotive, and Services. Each business unit serves a global market, focusing on customers and industries relevant to its business.

SKF was founded in 1907 and, from the beginning, has placed great emphasis on product quality, technology development, and market development. The group has invested heavily in technical research and product development. It has continued to make inventions and creations, setting new standards in bearing technology and introducing new products to the bearing market. Despite this expansion, SKF remains a leader in the design, production, and market development of rolling bearings, as well as in complementary models and products such as seals, and has maintained an increasingly important position in the markets for linear motion products, high-precision aerospace bearings, machine tool spindles, and plant maintenance services.

Types of SKF Bearings

SKF bearing typesSKF bearings Features
SKF deep groove ball bearingsParticularly versatile. Suitable for high or ultra-high-speed applications with both radial and axial loads. Features ruggedness and low maintenance requirements, while various designs are available.
SKF Bearing with housing (Y bearing)Easy-to-mount bearings with cabochon outer ring. Capable of accommodating static misalignments and providing long service life for various highly contaminated applications.
SKF Angular Contact Ball BearingsGood running performance, with high axial load carrying capacity bearings designed to carry both radial and axial loads.
SKF self-aligning ball bearingsInsensitive to static and dynamic misalignments. These double-row ball bearings generate extremely low frictional heat at high speeds - thus * minimizing maintenance requirements.
SKF Thrust Ball BearingsDesigned to accommodate axial loads in one or both directions. Separate, interchangeable components simplify the installation and removal process and the maintenance inspection process.
SKF Angular Contact Thrust Ball BearingsSeparate bearings for applications requiring reliable radial and axial support and high-precision shaft guidance.
SKF Thin BearingBearing solutions that save weight, create space, enhance design flexibility, and provide excellent operational accuracy.
SKF cylindrical roller bearingsAvailable in various designs that can be customized to meet the requirements of high-load or high-speed applications. Detachable for easy maintenance checks.
SKF needle roller bearingsNeedle roller bearings have many rollers with small diameters relative to their length, making them a compact solution for high rigidity and load-carrying capacity.
SKF Tapered Roller BearingsBearings with tapered inner and outer raceways and tapered rollers. Designed to carry heavy combined loads. Available in a wide range of designs, series, and sizes.
SKF Spherical Roller BearingsThe highly reliable bearings can withstand heavy radial and axial loads and are suitable for applications prone to misalignment or shaft deformation. Sealed and open variants are available.
SKF Cooper Split Roller BearingsA wide range of standard bearings or custom designs is available, especially for hard-to-reach locations where necessary bearing maintenance or replacement may increase costs and extend equipment downtime.
SKF CARB Circular Roller BearingsFloating-end self-aligning bearings have high load-carrying capacity and axial displacement capability. Conforms to SKF Explorer manufacturing specifications.
SKF cylindrical roller thrust bearingsSuitable for bearing configurations that require heavy axial loads and no radial loads. Very high stiffness, requiring only a small axial space. Components can be mounted separately.
SKF needle roller thrust bearingsHigh stiffness in a *small* axial space. The shaped cage reliably holds and guides a large number of needle rollers. Accommodates heavy axial and shock loads.
SKF Tapered Roller Thrust BearingsThe bearings accommodate heavy axial and shock loads and provide optimized load distribution. The stiffness is very high and requires very little axial space.
SKF Spherical Roller Thrust BearingsSelf-aligning bearings with specially designed raceways and asymmetric rollers can withstand axial loads generated in one direction and radial loads generated simultaneously.
SKF tightening bushEasy-to-install bushings for locating bearings on bare or stepped shafts through tapered bores.
SKF Retirement SleeveOpen seam tapered bushings for easy mounting and dismounting of bearings on cylindrical stepped shafts through tapered bores.
SKF lock nutsLocates bearings on shafts, installs or removes bearings from mounting sleeves, and protects gears, pulleys, and other equipment components. Available in a variety of designs.
SKF back roller bearingsThe bearings have thick-walled outer rings developed for multi-roll cold rolling, bending, or straightening mills. Various variants are available.
SKF sensor-bearing unitsEasy-to-install, compact, and highly reliable units for monitoring the condition of rotating or linear moving parts in industrial and automotive applications.
SKF Hybrid Ceramic BearingsElectrically insulated bearings with bearing steel rings and ceramic rolling elements. Provides excellent wear resistance, high-speed capability, and high rigidity. Low frictional heat generation for extended bearing lubrication intervals and service life
SKF INSOCOAT insulated bearingsThe unique coating of the bearings prevents electrical currents from passing through the bearings - providing cost-effective protection against galvanic corrosion.
SKF high-temperature bearings and bearing unitsAvailable in various variants and designs for excellent performance in hot or dry environments and at low speeds. Extends service life and reduces environmental impact.
SKF NoWear never-wear coated bearingsBearings with low-friction, wear-resistant carbon coatings on the contact surfaces for increased reliability and improved uptime under harsh conditions.
SKF solid oil bearingsMaintenance-free bearings are designed for applications with high humidity or in environments where they will be exposed to water and other contaminants.
SKF roller-bearing unitsReady-to-install unit, developed for continuous coke ovens and pellet plants. Also suitable for heavy-duty, low-speed applications.
SKF ball rolling element roller bearingsYoke ring-type roller bearings based on ball bearings. Sealed grease lubricated, ready-to-fit, designed for all types of tracks. Available in single or double-row designs and such variants.
SKF Cylindrical Roller BearingsYoke-type roller bearings based on needle roller or cylindrical roller bearings with or without flange ring. Ready-to-fit, designed for all types of tracks
SKF Bolt-type cylindrical roller bearingsBolt-type roller bearings are based on the needle or cylindrical roller bearings designed for various tracks. Easy to mount, available in a wide range of designs and variants.

Why SKF Bearings

You probably know that SKF bearings keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. And for a good reason: SKF bearings set the world standard for quality and reliability. 

With TFL BEARINGS, you also have access to a wide range of SKF products, solutions, and services - all designed to help you increase machine uptime, reduce energy consumption and optimize your human resources. View SKF's complete product line.

SKF Bearings Equivalent

Since 2015, TFL bearings have been recognized by domestic and international customers as a high-quality alternative to SKF bearings. With a commitment to precision manufacturing and rigorous quality control processes, TFL bearings have proven reliable and efficient in various industrial applications. We offer performance and durability comparable to SKF bearings, meeting international standards and using advanced technology and materials. Rigorous testing ensures their reliability regarding load capacity, speed capability, temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. A key advantage of TFL bearings is their competitive price without compromising quality, making them an attractive alternative to the more expensive SKF bearings. We can offer a full range of bearings to meet the needs of different customers.