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The FAG brand also has its roots in an inspiration of genius. As early as 1883, in the small German town of Schweinfurt, Friedrich Fischer designed a special steel ball grinding machine that made it possible to produce fully spherical steel balls using a grinding process. This invention is considered to be the cornerstone of the rolling bearing industry. This is why FAG has long been recognized as a pioneer in rolling bearing technology. Today, FAG is one of the specialist brands in machine building, the automotive industry, and aerospace technology. FAG companies, branches, and sales agents are in the world's leading industrial countries.

Since 2001, FAG has been part of the Schaeffler Group and plays an active and important role in the Group's aerospace, automotive, and industrial sectors. In combination with INA products, FAG has a complete product outline in the rolling bearing industry in the same industry. It covers all application areas in production machinery, power transmission, railroads, the heavy industry, and the consumer goods industry.

Together with INA, FAG offers its customers a comprehensive range of services and technical support, including inspection, maintenance, and disassembly of bearings and bearing systems.

As a forward-looking company, FAG also invests heavily in research and development. Modern simulation technology, testing facilities, and special material laboratories provide reliable support for the continuous development and improvement of individual production lines, as well as for maintaining FAG's strong innovative capacity.

Types of FAG Bearings

FAG bearings typesFAG bearings Features
FAG Thrust Roller BearingsThrust roller bearings are used to bear axial load, mainly shaft and radial combined, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, such bearings have a lower friction factor, higher speed, and alignment performance.
FAG Thrust Ball BearingsThrust ball bearings are designed to withstand thrust loads at high speeds and consist of a washer-like collar with a ball-rolling raceway groove. Because the collar is seat cushion shape, the thrust ball bearing is divided into flat bottom seat cushion types and spherical seat cushion type two types. In addition, this kind of bearing can bear axial load but not radial load.
FAG Outer Spherical Bearing HousingThe vast majority of FAG outer spherical ball bearings are fixed, so they are particularly suitable for supporting short shafts and for applications where only small thermal expansion occurs. The axial clearance of the bearing can compensate for the small thermal expansion of the shaft.
FAG Tapered Roller BearingsTapered roller bearings are suitable for transmitting radial loads and axial loads. Three hundred thirteen series tapered roller bearings are suitable for large axial loads because of the large contact angle; 323 B series tapered roller bearings also have a higher contact angle.
FAG Cylindrical Roller BearingsFAG single-row cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings, easy to install and disassemble; both rings can be a tight fit, modified contact line between the roller and raceway can reduce stress concentration.
FAG Spherical Ball BearingsSpherical ball bearings without seals, spherical ball bearings with seals at both ends, etc. The shaft is allowed to deflect 4° around the centre end of the shaft, and the sealed spherical ball bearing can compensate up to 1.5°. In some cases, the reference speed may exceed the limit speed. The specific operating conditions are considered by measuring the heat generated at the maximum permissible operating speed.
FAG Spherical Roller BearingsFAG spherical roller bearings have cylindrical hole spherical roller bearings, tapered hole spherical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings with tightening sleeves, and spherical roller bearings with withdrawal sleeves. In the normal working environment, the inner circle rotating spherical roller bearings can compensate for the alignment error up to 0.5° by swinging around the centre position. The automatic centring ability is reduced when the outer ring rotates or the inner ring swings.
FAG Ultra Precision Angular Contact Ball BearingsFAG angular contact ball bearings can withstand both radial load and axial load. It can work at a higher speed. The larger the contact angle, the higher the axial load-carrying capacity. High precision and high-speed bearings usually take 15 degrees contact angle. Under the action of axial force, the contact angle will increase. Single-row angular contact ball bearings can only withstand a direction of the axial load; bearing radial load will cause additional axial force. And can only limit the axial displacement of the shaft or shell in one direction. If it is a pair of duplex installations, make a pair of bearing outer rings opposite: wide end face, wide end face, narrow end face, narrow end face. This can avoid causing additional axial force and make the shaft or shell limit the axial clearance range in both directions.
FAG Deep Groove Ball BearingsThe basic types of FAG deep groove ball bearings are open, double-sided with seals or double-sided with dust cover type; in the production needs, sealed bearings in the outer ring with a seal or dust cover groove can also be supplied as open bearings.
FAG Thin Wall BearingsFAG thin-walled equal-section bearings are high-precision products with little operating noise and high load-carrying capacity. These bearings are available in three designs with very small, mainly square cross-sections. In each series, the cross-section remains constant even with larger shaft and housing bore diameters, so these bearings are also known as constant section (CS) bearings. This feature distinguishes the thin-section bearings from the conventional bearings described in the standard ISO series.
M Series High-Speed Spindle BearingsWith its " M series ", Schaeffler presents a new, technically and economically advanced concept for increasing the productivity of machine tools. The three X-life high-speed spindle bearing versions offer even greater potential for higher speeds, high machining forces and high temperatures to further increase the load-carrying capacity of electric spindles.
FAG Spindle BearingsSpindle bearings are single-row angular contact ball bearings consisting of solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with solid cages; they cannot be removed; the bearings are available in open and sealed designs. Spindle bearings have limited tolerances, are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements with high requirements for guidance accuracy and high-speed adaptation, and have proven to be ideal for machine tool spindle bearing arrangements.

Why FAG Bearings

X-life is the quality hallmark of the INA and FAG brands of ultra-high-performance products. They are characterized by higher basic dynamic load ratings than conventional products, resulting in longer life ratings and service life.

  • They can withstand very high radial loads and relatively high axial loads.

  • Designed for environments where dynamic or static misalignments and shaft bending and deflection must be freely compensated for.

  • The ability to dynamically support big shocks makes them suitable for vibrating machinery.

  • The X-life™ design includes higher surface quality in the contact area, optimized contact geometry between the rollers and raceways, new roller dimensions with crowned ends, and optimized cage design for improved performance.

  • X-life™ bearings operate with less friction, reducing heat generation and improving energy efficiency.

  • Reduced lubricant consumption, resulting in longer maintenance intervals.

  • Capable of operating at higher speeds than conventional SRBs.

  • Suitable for paper machine dryer rolls and calender rolls.

FAG Bearings Equivalent

Since 2015, TFL bearings have been recognized by domestic and international customers as a high-quality alternative to FAG bearings. With a commitment to precision manufacturing and rigorous quality control processes, TFL bearings have proven reliable and efficient in various industrial applications. We offer performance and durability comparable to FAG bearings, meeting international standards and using advanced technology and materials. Rigorous testing ensures their reliability regarding load capacity, speed capability, temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. A key advantage of TFL bearings is their competitive price without compromising quality, making them an attractive alternative to the more expensive FAG bearings. We can offer a full range of bearings to meet the needs of different customers.