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Since 1941, Kaydon's engineering experience and expertise have helped us solve some of the world's most demanding bearing challenges. Kaydon's exceptional engineering support provides our customers problem-solving, application-specific custom and standard thin-section ball and slewing ring bearings.

High-Quality Solutions

Kaydon solutions meet the most exacting specifications of a broad range of applications for the aerospace and defence, commercial aerospace, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, medical systems, mining, oil and gas, radar, renewable energy, robotics, and semiconductor manufacturing markets.

Kaydon bearings are manufactured in eight ISO 9001:2008 registered facilities around the world. Kaydon is committed to meeting the high levels of quality required by the industry and the markets they serve.

Thin Section Bearings

Kaydon leads the industry in designing and manufacturing precision thin-section ball bearings. Kaydon applies Thinfinite® engineering experience and expertise to solve the world's most unique bearing challenges. The Kaydon Reali-Slim® inch-standard bearing is one of the world's most widely used thin-section bearings. Kaydon Thinfinite® bearing solutions save weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility, and provide excellent running accuracy.

The Kaydon thin section bearing product line includes Reali-Slim® and Ultra-Slim®; Real-Slim TT® turntable; cross roller; four-point contact; and tapered roller bearing designs. Kaydon bearings are available in the industry's largest variety of materials, separator options, cross sections, internal fit-up choices, lubricants, corrosion resistance options, contact angles, and precision levels.

Slewing Ring Bearings

Slewing bearing is also called turntable bearing, also known as: rotary bearing, slewing bearing. English name: slewing bearing or slewing ring bearing also or turntable bearing.

Kaydon also leads the industry in designing and manufacturing precision slewing ring bearings. Slewing ring bearings include four-point contact, eight-point contact, cross roller, three-row roller, and wire-race configurations. Kaydon Slewinfinite® slewing ring bearing solutions are ideal for Optimal economy in a given envelope dimension, Heavy-duty applications requiring significant load-carrying capacity, Designs where precise positioning is critical and The unique requirements of wind turbines.

Kaydon's slewing ring bearings offer Slewinfinite® solutions for the most demanding specifications in various applications. Choose from various lines, including RK Series, HS Series, HT Series, MT Series, KH Series, XT Series, DT Series, XR Series, TR Series, WireX® wire-race bearings and Wind energy slewing ring bearings.

Kaydon Bearings is an SKF Group brand.

Since 2015, TFL bearings have been recognized by domestic and international customers as a high-quality alternative to Kaydon bearings. With a commitment to precision manufacturing and rigorous quality control processes, TFL bearings have proven reliable and efficient in various industrial applications. We offer performance and durability comparable to Kaydon bearings, meeting international standards and using advanced technology and materials. Rigorous testing ensures their reliability regarding load capacity, speed capability, temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. A key advantage of TFL bearings is their competitive price without compromising quality, making them an attractive alternative to the more expensive Kaydon bearings. We can offer a full range of bearings to meet the needs of different customers.