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Established in 1918, NTN Corporation, a listed company in Japan, is one of the three largest bearing companies in Japan and one of the five largest integrated bearing manufacturers in the world, with more than 12,000 employees and annual sales of $2.05 billion ($2.85 billion in related sales), and has built R&D or production bases in 12 countries and regions, including Germany, the United States, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea. In 2003, the company's sales of constant velocity universal joints, an important component of the automotive drive series, exceeded 100 billion yen, making it the world's second-largest manufacturer.

Headquartered in Nishi-ku, Osaka, NTN has 11 production facilities, 25 research offices, 3 research institutes in Japan and 20 wholly-owned production plants, 2 research institutes, and 48 sales offices abroad.

BCA Bearings by NTN

BCA® has over a century of experience supplying wheel end solutions in America. Today BCA is owned by NTN. As the #1 supplier of OE-quality hub assemblies, NTN fulfils more than 30% of the demand for North American OE vehicle production from our Elgin, Illinois, plant.

In the Aftermarket, this gives BCA the advantage of providing highly-engineered replacement parts that meet or exceed the OE engineering specifications. We leverage this expertise to offer application full-line coverage for domestic and foreign nameplates.


Bower Heavy Duty Bearings by NTN

Bower heavy-duty OE and aftermarket bearings are among the industry's best, with a list of quality product innovations and long, distinguished and growing firsts.

Bower tapered roller bearings are shipped from Bower plants located in Macomb, IL and Hamilton, AL, and enjoy a reputation for reliability and performance in the no-nonsense world of big rigs and other hard-working vehicles.



NTN SNR is a world leader in bearings, constant-velocity joints, linear modules, distribution rollers, suspension parts, and associated training and services. The joining of NTN and SNR in 2006 allowed SNR to expand its business worldwide while relying on NTN's internationally renowned Research and Development capabilities. It also increased NTN's market share in Europe and gave the company access to SNR's industry-leading spherical roller bearings and aerospace expertise.

NTN and SNR brands service OE and Aftermarket in industrial and automotive industries around the globe.


Types of NTN Bearings

NTN Bearings Types

NTN Bearings Features

Radial Ball BearingsDeep Groove Ball BearingsNTN deep groove ball bearings are the most common type in various applications. NTN deep groove ball bearings include sealed bearings with dustproof covers, seals, and grease filled inside for easy application. There are also a variety of bearings, such as an outer ring with stop ring bearings for mounting and positioning, expansion-compensated bearings that absorb changes in bearing mating surface dimensions due to housing temperature rise, and TAB-type bearings that are highly resistant to oil and dirt.
Angular Contact Ball BearingsNTN angular contact ball bearings have an angle (contact angle) formed by the line between the ball and the contact point of the inner and outer ring and the radial plane. Bearings are usually designed with three contact angles. They can withstand axial loads. Because of the contact angle, they cannot be applied only in pairs or groups in a single set.
Matched Angular Contact Ball BearingsNTN grouping angular contact ball bearing is a combination of 2 or more ball bearings in the form of back-to-back grouping, face-to-face grouping, or tandem grouping. Face-to-face (DF) and back-to-back (DB) mating can withstand axial load in both directions. The back-to-back grouping is more capable of withstanding moment loads than the face-to-face grouping. The tandem combination can withstand greater axial load than the bearing alone.
Four-Point Contact Ball BearingsNTN four-point contact ball bearing contact angle of 30 °, its inner ring can be separated into 2 parts. Radial push pressure inner ring, outer ring, after the steel ball and inner and outer ring raceway surface to form four-point contact. A single set of bearings can bear the two-way axial load to two-point contact state use, generally in the pure axial or axial load of the larger combined load application working conditions.
Double Row Angular Contact Ball BearingsTwo sets of single-row angular contact ball bearing back-to-back grouping (DB), the inner and outer rings are made into one bearing. They are called double-row angular contact ball bearings, with a contact angle of 25°. The bearings can bear radial and two-way axial loads and accept moment loads.
Self-Aligning Ball BearingNTN spherical ball bearing, the centre of the outer ring rolling surface and the centre of the bearing, is spherical, and the inner ring is double row groove. The steel ball, cage, and inner ring relative to the outer ring can rotate freely under a certain tilt. Therefore, it can automatically adjust the shaft and bearing seat due to machining errors, poor installation, etc., produced by the shaft eccentricity. However, because the axial load capacity is small, it is unsuitable for applications with large axial loads. In addition, if the bearing is mounted on the tapered shaft with a tightening bushing, it is easier to install and dismantle, so it is mostly used in the transmission shaft.
Insert Spherical Ball Bearing With SeatNTN radial spherical ball bearings with housings are radial ball bearings with seals combined with cast iron and steel housings of various shapes. The bearing's outer and inner diameter surfaces are spherical, and the assembly as a whole is spherical. The internal structure of the ball bearing with housing is the same as that of NTN deep groove ball bearing series 62 and 63 using the same steel balls and cage. In addition, the bearing is fitted with oil-resistant synthetic rubber seals on both sides, which combine with NTN's unique oil-retaining ring to form a double seal. Seated outer spherical ball bearings have a larger inner ring width and are fastened to the shaft with steel ball screws located at 2 Or; the tapered inner diameter surface is mounted on the shaft using a sleeve. In addition, there is also the eccentric sleeve type that fixes the inner ring on the shaft through the eccentric groove on the inner ring side and the eccentric groove of the retaining ring as well as the type with deep groove ball bearings, which are loaded with interference on the inner ring and shaft and mounted on the shaft.
Thrust Ball BearingsOne-Way Thrust Ball BearingNTN one-way thrust ball bearing is in a group of washers (shaft ring and seat ring) between the installation of the ball; the contact angle is generally 90 ° bearing. The bearing only bears the one-way axial load, can not bear radial load, and is unsuitable for high-speed rotation.
Double Direction Thrust Angular Contact Ball BearingNTN double direction thrust angular contact ball bearing can bear bi-directional axial load; due to the large contact angle, the rigidity of the shaft direction becomes large. Not suitable for grease-lubricated longitudinal shafts in construction.
Radial Roller BearingsCylindrical Roller BearingsThe rolling body is a roller with a high load capacity. The retaining edge of the inner ring or outer ring guides the rollers. The inner and outer rings can be separated, so it is easy to install, and both inner and outer rings can be installed with an interference fit.
In addition, inner and outer rings are available without baffles and can move freely in the axial direction. Therefore, they are widely used as "free-end bearings" to absorb shaft expansion. A small axial load can be applied between the roller end face and the raised edge for the design with a raised edge.
The HT-type cylindrical roller bearings are designed to withstand axial loads by optimizing the shape of the roller face and the retaining edge.
The special internal design of E-type cylindrical roller bearings improves the radial load capacity.
Type E small-diameter bearings have become the standard design.
Double Row Cylindrical Roller BearingsNTN double-row cylindrical roller bearings have NN type and NNU type. They are generally used in machine tool spindles, rolling mills rolls, and printing machine cylinders that require thin-walled bearings. In the machine tool spindle, the radial internal clearance is adjusted by pressing the tapered hole bearing and mounting it on the tapered shaft.
Needle BearingNTN needle roller bearings use needle-like rollers with a diameter of less than 6 mm and a length of 3 to 10 times the diameter of the rolling body (JISB1516 Rolling Bearings - Rollers). Because the rolling body is a needle roller, the profile height is small, but the load capacity is greater than other types of bearings of the same size ratio. The number of needle rollers is large and thus rigid, and it is also called a bearing suitable for oscillating motion.
Tapered Roller BearingsDesign tapered roller bearings, its inner and outer ring raceway surface extension line and roller cone apex intersection in the bearing centre line on a point.
Therefore, the inner and outer ring raceway face roller action load combined force so that the roller end face extrusion to the inner ring on the big edge, the inner ring big edge to guide the rollers simultaneously for rolling. Bear pure radial load will derive axial load, so two bearings must be used in pairs. The outer and inner rings with roller and cage assembly can be separated, and clearance or preload state installation is simple and convenient. Still, the working clearance management is more difficult and needs attention. Can simultaneously withstand large radial and axial loads.
Double Row Tapered Roller BearingsDouble-row tapered roller bearings are divided into an "X" grouping (double outer ring) and an "O" grouping (double inner ring). The components of the same code are matched according to the set internal clearance adjustment. Also available are two sets of single-row tapered roller mating bearings.
Spherical Roller BearingNTN spherical roller bearing outer ring raceway surface for spherical, inner ring raceway surface shape and the two rows of spherical roller bus coincide. It has the new ability to adapt to the application field of shaft tilting and another alignment.
According to the different internal designs, divided into different bearing codes.
Tapered bore inner ring bearings can be easily mounted and dismounted by tightening bushings or receding bushings. They can withstand large loads, so they have a large number of applications in a variety of industrial machinery. When the bearing receives a large axial load, one of the rows of rollers is in a no-load state, thus causing various failures. Therefore, attention must be paid to the application conditions.
Thrust Roller BearingsThrust Cylindrical Roller BearingsNTN thrust cylindrical roller bearings are divided into single-row, double-row, three-row, four-row and other series of bearings and their composition of the two-way series. ntn not only provides JIS standard 11, 12 and 93 standard size series of bearings 811, 812, and 893 series but also can provide other special size bearings. These bearings can only bear the axial load and are suitable for high-load applications with high axial rigidity.
Thrust Needle Roller BearingsBearings that use turned products in gaskets and bearings that use stamped products of steel plates. Steel plate stamped products are the bearings with the smallest profile height and larger load capacity.
Thrust Tapered Roller BearingsNTN tapered roller thrust bearings; there are two types. One-way thrust tapered roller bearings have bearing housing gaskets with retaining edge type and without retaining edge type, there are also full of roller type. In addition, two-way thrust tapered roller bearings are used to support the axial load, mainly used in rolling mill roll necks and other devices.
Thrust spherical roller bearingsLike the spherical roller bearing, the spherical thrust roller bearing seat ring raceway surface is a spherical surface formed by a point in line with the central axis of the bearing. Using a convex spherical rolling body, the bearing has a spherical performance. The limit spherical angle varies with the size of the bearing series, 1°~2° for conventional load occasions. The cage adopts a copper alloy turning cage and the inner ring with a guide sleeve to guide the cage. Axial load capacity is strong, and bearing axial load simultaneously can withstand a certain radial load, but note that the condition Fr/Fa≤0.55 must be met. In addition, the lubricant does not easily enter the area between the end face of the rolling body and the retaining edge of the shaft ring and between the cage and the guide sleeve. Therefore, the oil lubrication method should be used even for low-speed rotating occasions.
Linear Motion BearingsLinear Motion Ball BearingsNTN linear motion bearings consist of an outer ring, steel balls and a cage, and the steel balls roll in a circular motion inside the bearing. It can achieve precise and smooth infinite linear motion.
Linear Motion Roller BearingsCylindrical rollers circulate inside the body (raceway table), thus achieving infinite linear motion in the plane. The retaining edge of the body keeps the cylindrical rollers and cage inside the body and guides the cylindrical rollers and cage. Due to the application of the cage, the bearing structurally ensures that the adjacent rollers do not touch and achieves a low coefficient of friction.
Linear Motion Roller Guide BearingsA roller and flat cage assembly consisting of needle rollers assembled in a flat cage. They are mounted in two opposite planes to achieve smooth reciprocating motion with a low coefficient of friction.
Plummer HousingThe vertical bearing housing uses spherical ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, and bearing box assembly with a sealing device. Depending on the application, the bearing box is made of standard cast iron, spheroidal black lead cast iron (ductile iron), or cast steel. In addition, rubber seals or labyrinth seals are assembled in the sealing device.
Spherical Ball Bearing With HousingDuctile Iron Series With Seat BearingMinimizing the major dimensions unrelated to installation allows the product to be installed in tighter spaces. The bearing housing is made of ductile iron and is strong and sturdy with its fine texture and uniform thickness design. The relevant mounting dimensions are the same as those specified in the JIS B 1559 standard, making it interchangeable with NTN's conventional products and those of other companies and easy to replace during maintenance.
Steel Series Seated BearingsNTN steel bearing housing is manufactured by the precision fusion of rolled steel for general construction, which has high strength compared to cast iron or cast steel material. Rolled steel for general construction avoids the defect of unstable strength of cast iron material and facilitates the safe design of the housing.
The relevant mounting dimensions are the same as those of NTN's conventional products, and interchangeability with TFL steel-bearing housings is possible. Excellent load resistance and impact resistance, so it is suitable for use in places where safety is required or in parts subjected to vibration or shock caused by heavy loads, except for conveyors and dollies of steel equipment, mining machinery, pollution control equipment, etc., or and on a travelling car.
Stainless Steel Series Bearing With HousingStainless steel ball bearings and stainless steel housings are combined in a component product with excellent corrosion resistance compared to standard cast iron housing bearings. The ball bearing is a solid grease bearing sealed with thermosetting grease, and the lubricant does not leak easily, even when the bearing is subjected to strong vibration or large centrifugal force. In addition, the bearing housing is made by a special casting method, and the casting surface is smooth, making it difficult for foreign objects to adhere, so it is relatively clean.
The mounting dimensions are the same as those of NTN's conventional products. Interchangeability with TFL stainless steel series with housing bearings is also available.
Plastic Series Bearing With HousingThis housing bearing combines a stainless steel ball bearing and resin housing and has excellent corrosion resistance compared to NTN's conventional cast iron housing bearings. In particular, the housing body is a non-magnetic material that will not rust, making it very versatile. Since ball bearings use solid grease bearings containing oil NTN's self-developed thermosetting grease, there is less lubricant leakage, and the surrounding environment is less likely to be contaminated.
In addition, the bearing housing is clean and hygienic, with no paint flaking or rusting. The ball bearing is a standard specification of the point-in-fill method of sealing in thermosetting grease at multiple points on the cage. Since the grease does not stir like ordinary grease, little stirring resistance occurs, thus generating a very low torque. Thanks to resin housings, 30-60% lighter weight has been achieved compared to NTN's conventional cast iron housed bearings. The housings are made of thermoplastic polyester resin material, which is water-resistant and has excellent chemical resistance.
Triple Sealed Bearings For Spherical Ball Bearings With HousingBearings with a triple seal lip at the bearing seal have excellent dust and water resistance compared to bearings for standard housing bearings. The bearings can be used long, even in dusty or dirty environments.
As a result, the maintenance interval is extended, thus reducing maintenance costs and improving machine operation. The existing housing bearing with retaining cover can be replaced according to the conditions of use, reducing the cost of housing outer spherical ball bearings and miniaturizing the machine by removing the retaining cover. A steel ball screw developed by NTN with a steel ball embedded in the tip of the screw is used to secure the shaft and bearing. This ball brake screw has a better locking effect than a knurled screw and does not loosen easily, even when subjected to vibration or shock.
Sliding BearingsResin BearingThis is a sliding bearing made of a resin material that bears a shaft or surface with a sliding surface.
They are widely used in various fields because of the lightweight and low cost of replacing metal with resin and increased design freedom.
They are light, do not easily transmit vibration or sound, and have a low coefficient of sliding friction. They have excellent plastic processability and electrical insulation properties when heated and excellent resistance to water and chemicals.
Spherical Plain BearingsA plain spherical bearing is a joint bearing with a spherical sliding part that can bear radial and axial loads in both directions.
The plain spherical bearing has a sliding part in the spherical surface and can bear the radial and two-way axial load of a plain spherical bearing.
They are suitable for oscillating or spherical motion and widely used in industrial, engineering, and other fields.
Wheel BearingsWheel bearing products are divided into a ball and tapered bearings, divided into drive wheel and driven wheel use according to their applications.
Wheel bearings play an important role in the driving safety of the car. Choosing the right bearing is extremely important to ensure driving safety and give full play to the car's performance. NTN has a variety of products for customers to choose from, such as ABS sensor all-in-one type, low torque type, and wheel hub universal joint all-in-one type.

Advantages of NTN Bearings

NTN bearings are produced and manufactured by NTN Corporation, one of the world's top five bearing manufacturers, combining the advantages of high precision, wide applicability and high efficiency. They are widely used daily and bring great convenience to people's lives.

NTN bearings are world-famous, enduring and becoming more and more perfect because NTN is a company with a history of nearly 100 years and has been insisting on the production of bearings for the machinery manufacturing industry. With its solid foundation, persistent pursuit, relentless exploration and vigorous innovation, NTN has entered almost all precision machinery fields in life, such as orbital satellites, aerospace, railroad facilities, the automotive industry, paper technology, office equipment, food processing machinery, etc. In the long history of NTN, the company has been accumulating, exploring and perfecting. The industry field.

In addition to its long history, the high precision, low loss, high efficiency and high safety and reliability are the important reasons why it is widely popular and well received. The advantage is that they are practical, reliable, and widely applicable, can meet the common needs of daily life while ensuring affordability and efficiency, and are also capable of working in harsh and severe environments without failing, such as in the popular human-crewed spaceflight and spacecraft industries, where NTN bearings are also capable of handling such harsh conditions.

NTN Bearings Equivalent

In addition, considering the high prices of internationally known bearing brands, if you want to find a suitable bearing replacement with guaranteed quality, choosing TFL Bearings is a good choice. Over the years, TFL Bearings has been recognized by domestic and international customers as a quality alternative to SKF, FAG, INA, NSK, NTN, KO, NMB, FYH, NNCHI, and TIMKEN bearings.TFL Bearings' commitment to precision manufacturing and strict quality control processes has proven its reliability and efficiency in various industrial applications. We offer performance and durability comparable to genuine bearings, conforming to international standards and using advanced technology and materials. A key advantage of TFL bearings is their competitive price without sacrificing quality, making them an attractive alternative to more expensive bearings.

We can offer a full range of bearings to meet the needs of different customers. We are always happy to offer advice and answer any questions. Check out our product range or contact us for more information.