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Custom Packaging

TFL offers a comprehensive range of secure and cost-efficient custom packaging solutions specifically designed for ball bearings. We aim to provide packaging options that meet your shipping and production requirements, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.未标题-1.jpg

Here are some examples of TFL's detailed custom packaging solutions for ball bearings:

Coin Wrap: For more oversized ABEC 1 and ABEC 3 bearings, we package them in plastic-faced brown paper rolls, typically containing 10 or more bearings. This packaging method ensures convenient handling and protection during transportation.

Vial Pack: Miniature and Instrument bearings are packaged in clear, sealed plastic vials. Each vial contains 10 or more bearings, providing a secure and easily identifiable storage solution.

Pill Pack: Our bearing pill pack solution involves individual packaging of bearings in plastic compartments. Each strip contains 10 or more compartments, and crucial information such as bearings number, customer part number, lubrication, and date can be marked on the face of each compartment. This enables efficient inventory management and easy identification of bearings.

Kraft Foil Pack: Each bearing is carefully sealed in a plastic bag, then hermetically sealed in a kraft foil bag according to Mil-B-197 Method 1A-18. This packaging method protects against contaminants, moisture, and other external factors.

Individual Box: Bearings are placed in separate plastic bags or plastic-faced brown paper and then in individual boxes. Each box can be labelled with relevant information per the customer's request, facilitating easy identification and organized storage.

Blister Pack: To provide maximum protection, each bearing is hermetically sealed in a plastic bubble. These sealed bubbles are arranged in sheets, typically containing 10 dots per sheet, adhering to Mil-B-197C Method 1A-18 standards.

At TFL, we understand the importance of precise and detailed packaging solutions to ensure the safe transportation and optimal storage of ball bearings. Our custom packaging options are designed to meet your specific needs and guarantee our products' utmost protection and preservation.