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Inventory Management

Ensuring that you have just the right product in the right place at the right time is priceless. Poor inventory management can cost a company dearly in production delays and assembly line shutdowns.

TFL Bearings understands the critical role of inventory management in meeting customer needs. We have implemented robust systems to ensure optimal product availability and prevent stock shortages. We leverage our global network of world-class factories and maintain extensive stock levels of millions of bearings in various types, sizes, and materials. Our significant investment in just-in-time and inventory management systems enables us to help customers reduce costs and achieve 100% on-time delivery.


At TFL, we offer a range of inventory management services, including:

-Kanban delivery: We utilize the Kanban system to facilitate efficient inventory replenishment based on customer demand, ensuring a steady supply of bearings.

-JIT (Just-In-Time) delivery: Our JIT approach enables us to deliver bearings precisely when needed, minimizing inventory holding costs and maximizing production efficiency for our customers.

-Bonded inventory: Through connected inventory solutions, we can store and manage stock on behalf of customers, reducing their inventory carrying costs while ensuring immediate availability.

-Matching: We offer matching services to ensure customers receive the precise bearings required for their specific applications, promoting optimal performance and reliability.

-Reserve Pending Order Management: We have a dedicated system to manage reserve pending orders, ensuring that customers' future demands are accurately anticipated and promptly fulfilled.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in measurable success. Many of our most demanding customers recognize us as a trusted "Ship-to-Stock" or "Ship-to-Work" supplier, attesting to our ability to deliver reliable products on time and meet their inventory management needs.