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THK was the first company in the world to develop and design a method of linear motion through rolling contact. Founded in 1971 in Tokyo, Japan, THK became synonymous with toughness, high quality, and technical application know-how and gradually began to produce and sell the commercial result: Linear Motion (LM) Guideway.

THK" stands for "Toughness", "High Quality", and "Know-how". Know-how". The goal the lingo the advancement of society and try by following these three principles in developing technology and manufacturing products. THK's LM rolling guides enable ultra-high precision operation of machine tools and industrial automation machinery and enable semiconductor manufacturing devices to operate in subminiature units. More recently, the system has also been used in liquid crystal production lines, railroad coaches, handicapped-assisted vehicles, medical equipment, skyscrapers and residences, and recreational facilities.

Types Of THK Bearings

THK linear guide systems are unique motion control systems in which rolling contact elements support the linear motion. These linear motion guides ("LM guides") can best be described as a system that uses the rotational motion principle of a deeply grooved ball bearing. This principle makes it the easiest and most economical rotational motion bearing.

SeriesCategory ListFeatures and Applications
HRW Series Linear Guide SystemsHRW12LR Series Linear Guide SystemsThe HRW series is a space and energy-saving linear guidance system for various applications. Technico offers HRW guideways from linear to curved, ideal for miniature to large machines. Due to the model's low centre of gravity, wide guideways and low overall height can be used where space savings are required. It is also suitable for compact, heavy-duty applications because it is highly rigid in all directions and does not require reinforced side supports. When you want to save space but need the reliability of an LM slider that can withstand loads in all four directions, Technico's HRW series is the perfect product for your application. The experts at TFL can help you choose the right guide for your needs. Talk to a TFL bearing engineer today.
HRW14LR Series Linear Guide System
HRW17 Series Linear Guide Systems
HRW21 Series Linear Guide Systems
HRW27 Series Linear Guide Systems
HRW35 Series Linear Guide Systems
HRW50 Series Linear Guide Systems
HSR Series Linear Motion GuidesHSR8 series Linear Motion GuidesThe THK HSR Series of linear motion guides ("LM guides") incorporate linear rolling motion for practical use. In this series, the rows of balls are placed at a 45-degree contact angle. The rated loads are uniformly applied to the linear motion block in radial, reverse, and lateral directions. This feature can implement this Linear Motion Guide series in all orientations. Because this is a full-ball type series, it is offered in a wide range of sizes to fit several applications, from large-scale to small.
HSR10 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR12 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR15 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR20 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR25 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR30 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR35 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR45 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR55 series Linear Motion Guides
HSR65 series Linear Motion Guides
SR Series Linear Guide SystemsSR15 Series Linear Guide SystemsThe SR Series of THK full-ball type linear guide systems boast a compact design with a low profile sectional height. The ball contact angle structure is set at 90 degrees, allowing them to withstand large load pressure radially. This series is ideal for horizontal orientation. Rail lengths in this series range from 160mm in the SR15 size to 2520mm in the SR55 size. Blocks are also available in all sizes. Blocks are ideal for mounting in many varying orientations. Whether mounting is required from beneath or hanging, the SR Series' low-profile design saves space and makes mounting simple with pre-tapped screw holes and bolts included for installation. The THK SR Series is dependable and versatile for small-scale to heavy-duty machine purposes.
SR20 Series Linear Guide Systems
SR25 Series Linear Guide Systems
SR30 Series Linear Guide Systems
SR35 Series Linear Guide Systems
SR45 Series Linear Guide Systems
SR55 Series Linear Guide Systems
GSR Series Linear Motion GuidesGSR15 Series Linear Motion Control SystemsThe GSR Series of THK linear motion control systems has an interchangeable and self-adjusting capability best suited for industrial machinery where high-accuracy installation is difficult. By simply fastening the mounting bolts, the LM-block top surface tilts, eliminating unwanted clearance and allowing for an appropriate preload to be applied. Like the HRW Series, the GSR models are compact, low profile, and able to bear loads in all directions. The LM rail and block are interchangeable, conveniently allowing them to be stored separately. 
GSR20 Series Linear Motion Control Systems
GSR25R Series Linear Guide Systems
GSR25 Series Linear Motion Control Systems
GSR30R Series Linear Guide Systems
GSR30 Series Linear Motion Control Systems
GSR35R Series Linear Guide Systems
GSR35 Series Linear Motion Systems

THK Caged Ball LM Guides series has a high rigidity design that allows it to achieve highly accurate and linear motion. The balls roll in four rows of raceways, precision-ground on an LM rail and an LM block. The ball cages and endplates incorporated in the LM block allow the balls to circulate. Each row of balls is placed at a contact angle of 45°so that the rated loads applied to the LM block are uniform in the four directions (radial, reverse-radial, and lateral), enabling the LM Guide to be used in all orientations. In addition, the LM block can receive a well-balanced preload, increasing the rigidity in the four directions while maintaining a constant, low friction coefficient. 

SeriesCategory ListFeatures and Applications
SHS Series Caged Ball LM GuidesSHS15 Series Caged Ball LM GuidesModel SHS has the same dimensions as model HSR, which is, in effect, the global standard full-ball LM guide and can be mounted in any orientation since it is a 4-way equal load type. With the low sectional height and the high rigidity design of the LM block, SHS achieves highly accurate and stable linear motion.
SHS20 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SHS25 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SHS30 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SHS35 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SHS45 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SHS55 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SHS65 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SSR Series Caged Ball LM GuidesSSR 15Series Caged Ball LM GuidesWhen two or more LM sliders are used on a single rail or when two or more rails are mounted on the same rail, the accuracy of the SSR model specifies the aircraft based on running parallelism, dimensional tolerances for height and width, and height and width differences between the pair. The SSR model has a low mounting height, compact design, and high radial load capacity and is best suited for horizontal rails.
SSR 20Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SSR 25Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SSR 30Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SSR 35Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SRS Series Caged Ball LM GuidesSRS7 Series Caged Ball LM GuidesThe compact design with a low sectional height and the ball contact structure at 90° in the radial direction make this model optimal for horizontal guide units. Using the ball cage eliminates friction between balls and increases grease retention, thus achieving low noise, high speed, and long-term maintenance-free operation.
SRS9 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SRS12 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SRS15 Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SRS-W Series Caged Ball LM GuidesSRS7-W Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SRS9-W Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SRS12-W Series Caged Ball LM Guides
SRS15-W Series Caged Ball LM Guides

THK Bearings Equivalent

Since 2015, TFL bearings have been recognized by domestic and international customers as a high-quality alternative to THK bearings. With a commitment to precision manufacturing and rigorous quality control processes, TFL bearings have proven reliable and efficient in various industrial applications. We offer performance and durability comparable to THK bearings, meeting international standards and using advanced technology and materials. Rigorous testing ensures their reliability regarding load capacity, speed capability, temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. A key advantage of TFL bearings is their competitive price without compromising quality, making them an attractive alternative to the more expensive THK bearings. We can offer a full range of bearings to meet the needs of different customers.