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Textile Machine Bearings

Textile machinery is a general term for various machines and equipment used in the textile production process, including spinning machines, weaving machines, knitting machines, dyeing and finishing machines, non-woven machines, etc. Textile machinery is a kind of electromechanical integration product with high speed, high precision and high reliability, which requires very high performance of bearings. Bearing is one of the most important parts in textile machinery, which can support and guide the rotating parts and bear the load transferred to the frame by the rotating parts. The quality and life of bearings directly affect the operating efficiency, stability and durability of textile machinery.

TFLi bearing is the brand of Japan TFLi Seiko Co., Ltd, a professional manufacturer of various bearings and bearing housings, founded in 1928, has several production bases and sales network in the world.23 With its excellent quality, superb technology and perfect service, TFLi bearing enjoys a good reputation in domestic and international markets and is widely used in various fields, including the textile industry.AdobeStock_98061917-1024x683-1.jpg

TFLi bearings in the textile industry mainly provide the following types of products:

Radial ball bearing: Radial ball bearing is a kind of rolling bearing which can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, with auto-aligning function, suitable for the occasion of imprecise installation or large deviation of axis. TFLi radial ball bearings are divided into two structures: cylindrical hole and tapered hole, which can be installed by tightening sleeve or bracing sleeve.TFLi radial ball bearings are made of high quality steel, precision machining and heat treatment, with high speed performance, low noise, low friction, long life, etc. TFLi radial ball bearings are mainly used in the textile industry for spinning machines, weaving machines and other equipment.

Automotive bearing: Automotive bearing is a kind of rolling bearing specially designed and manufactured for the automotive industry, with high speed performance, high reliability, low noise, low vibration and other characteristics. Automotive bearings are divided into axle bearings, wheel bearings, engine bearings and other types, according to different parts of use and working conditions, using different structures. Car bearings in the textile industry are mainly used in dyeing and finishing machines, knitting machines and other equipment.

Bearing housing: Bearing housing is a part mounted on the outer ring of the bearing, used to fix and support the bearing, so that it is connected with the frame or other parts. Bearing housing is divided into vertical, horizontal, square, round and other forms, according to different installation methods, can be divided into sleeve type, sliding type, tightly fixed type, etc. TFLi bearing housing is made of high-quality cast iron or ductile iron, with high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. TFLi bearing housing in the textile industry is mainly used in spinning machines, weaving machines and other equipment.

TFLi bearings in the textile industry can not only improve the operating efficiency and stability of textile machinery, extend the service life of textile machinery, but also reduce the noise and vibration of textile machinery, improve the quality and productivity of textiles. TFLi bearings are a high quality choice for the textile industry, trustworthy and recommended.