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Details Of The World'S Top Ten Bearing Brands

You may have read articles in many places about the ranking of the best-bearing brands. TFL Bearing Company has compiled a list of your top ten bearing brands!

High-end bearing field, Europe and the United States, and Japan's enterprises to maintain the global bearing major supplier status, in the annual sales in the top ten bearing companies: Japan used to occupy 5, the United States 2, Germany 2, Sweden 1.

The world's largest sales are Switzerland SKF bearings; its annual sales once reached 5 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 14.3% of the global market share. The world's smallest is the United States TORRINGTON, its annual sales reached 1 billion U.S. dollars, once accounting for 2.9% of the total market share.

The World's Top Ten Bearing Production Ranking

List of the world's top ten famous bearing manufacturers (in order of sales)

RankingCompany NameNumber of Plants Annual Sales
1Sweden SKF905 billion USD
2Japan NSK284.4 billion USD
3Japan KOYO173.2 billion
4Japan NTN272.9 billion USD
5Japan NMB222.7 billion
6TIMKEN242.4 billion
7Germany FAG622 billion USD
8Germany INA161.5 billion
9Japan NACHI141.4 billion USD

In Western Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, Sweden's SKF Group is the world's largest supplier of bearings, accounting for one-third of the global market share.

In the U.S. market, TIMKEN had a 22% market share, followed by SKF Group and TORRINGTON, each with a 2% market share.

In Asia (excluding Japan), SKF Group had a 17% market share; NSK is the largest bearing supplier; SKF Group occupies 2% of the Japanese market; in Central + Eastern Europe + China, local bearing factories occupy the main market share.

Bearings - The Joint Of High-End Products

In the bearing manufacturing industry, traditionally a basic precision parts manufacturing industry, precision is usually measured by 0.001mm, while the manufacturing tolerance of common mechanical parts is generally only 0.01mm. The noise and vibration from the motor, to a large extent, depend on the bearing quality and process.

It is worth mentioning that the swing and temperature rise of the high-precision machine tool spindle is more closely related to the quality of bearings, especially in communications satellites, industry and agriculture, national defence technology and intelligent manufacturing, and other high-end fields in the host, its accuracy, performance, life, reliability and various economic indicators, have a close relationship with the bearings.

Although the industrialization of bearing applications is only 100 years, because of the relationship between national security and people's livelihood, countries worldwide have spared no effort to develop their bearing industry, and by advanced modern technology, bearing varieties and models have exceeded more than 100,000 kinds. In the bearing manufacturing industry, traditionally a basic precision parts manufacturing industry, precision is usually measured by 0.001mm, while the manufacturing tolerance of common mechanical parts is generally only 0.01mm. The noise and vibration from the motor, to a large extent, depend on the bearing quality and process.

It is worth mentioning that the swing and temperature rise of the high-precision machine tool spindle is more closely related to the quality of bearings, especially in communications satellites, industry and agriculture, national defence technology and intelligent manufacturing, and other high-end fields in the host, its accuracy, performance, life, reliability and various economic indicators, have a close relationship with the bearings.

The world's top ten bearing brands.jpg

Global Top Ten Brand Bearings Introduction (In no particular order)

1, Sweden SKF

SKF Group is the world's leading rolling bearings and seals supplier, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is a leader in bearing technology and manufacturing.

SKF Group is also the first bearing company in the world to receive ISO 14001 certification, which covers more than 60 manufacturing units in 17 countries.


SKF Group is the world's leading supplier of rolling bearings, housings, bearing units, seals, lubrication systems, condition monitoring, and drive and motion control products.

SKF in more than one hundred and thirty countries worldwide, in the annual more than 500 million bearing market share, occupying nearly one-fifth of the market share, highlighting SKF in the global rolling bearing industry dominant position.

It should be remembered that more than 80% of the steel used in SKF bearings in Sweden is provided by SKF's steel mills, ensuring the high quality of raw materials. All the important equipment is designed and combined by SKF, aiming to make the production equipment to the highest level!

  • Features and advantages of SKF bearings

In addition to rolling bearings, SKF Group also manufactures linear bearings, plain bearings, bearing housings, ball and roller screws, textile machinery components, retaining rings, machine tools, and various precision machinery components. The extensive experience gained in these fields has given SKF the knowledge and expertise to develop, manufacture and apply a wide range of advanced engineering products, from small bearings weighing as little as 0.003 grams to huge bearings weighing up to 34 tons each. In addition, SKF also provides a range of bearing maintenance tools, grease, and bearing monitoring equipment (SKF bearing heaters, pullers, etc.) to make bearing users more efficient and achieve worry-free operation.

SKF bearing features Explorer series bearing, a series bearing than any brand bearings on the market, better performance, longer life, design, use superior performance is the Netherlands SKF engineering and research center, many top scientists and engineers teams, after years of careful research results, SKF Explorer bearing can be engraved by the bearing outer ring side with SKF Explorer bearings can be identified by the word "EXPLORER" engraved on the side of the outer ring of the bearing and the "EXPLORER" logo on the box, but the product number remains the same.

2, Germany FAG

FAG bearings are among the top ten brands in the world and belong to the German Schaeffler Group. High-quality rolling bearings, spherical bearings, plain bearings, and linear motion products of the INA and FAG brands are developed and manufactured worldwide. Approximately 40,000 standard products are supplied for over sixty industrial sectors and many major automotive applications.

Combined with INA products, FAG has the world's most complete product portfolio in the rolling bearing industry in the same industry.

Clutch systems, gearbox systems, and torsion dampers represent an outstanding level of innovation, customer focus, and quality for many products in the automotive driveline industry.


The Schaeffler Group is a worldwide leader in producing rolling bearings and linear motion products and one of the most reputable suppliers in the automotive industry.

With approximately 65,000 employees worldwide and more than 180 locations in over 50 countries, the Schaeffler Group has become one of the largest family-owned business groups in Germany and Europe.

The Schaeffler Group has three well-known brands: INA, LuK, and FAG, which provide high-quality bearings and components for the automotive, industrial, and aerospace sectors. fag bearings produce all kinds of ball and roller bearings with outside diameters from 3 mm to 4.25 m, including standard products according to the sample and non-standard products according to the customer's special requirements.

FAG and SKF are the same levels, and the quality is very stable, especially in the Japanese system, such as NSK, NTN, etc., and the price is very close to SKF but higher than the Japanese system.

  • Features and advantages of FAG bearings

High reliability, small size, high load capacity, high precision guidance, low friction, high-temperature resistance, low wear, easy installation, low lubricant consumption, low maintenance, easy procurement, and high performance-to-price ratio. Widely used in all walks of life, other brands of bearings can not be competent; its representative works are high-speed, high-precision spindle bearings with a limited speed compared to other brands. And this excellent characteristic is generally reflected in all FAG bearings, that is, with a high limit speed and bearing capacity.

FAG bearing is a high-precision precision bearing professional manufacturer high, precise sharp known around the world; its products are mainly used in machine tool spindles and other industrial fields, especially with high speed, high precision, high life characteristics of Schaeffler's new X-life bearing as the representative of the most sophisticated bearing products, but also known around the world.


TIMKEN Corporation, a leading global bearing manufacturer for nearly 100 years, is a company whose high-quality bearings, alloy steels, and related products and services can be found everywhere, whether on land, in the deep sea, or outer space.

Wherever there is equipment in operation and power transmission, TIMKEN technology and products can be found.

TIMKEN bearings produces more than 230 types of bearings, 26,000 different sizes of tapered roller bearings used worldwide.

TIMKEN steel is one of the world's highest quality clean steel; as the world's largest manufacturer of tapered roller bearings, it has long established its position in manufacturing.

Whether it's a hub assembly for a small family car, bearings for a roller coaster, maintenance services for track bearings, or steel for an aircraft engine shaft, it's safe to say that the products and services brought by TIMKEN bearings make the world's equipment run more smoothly. It is worth mentioning that TIMKEN bearings brought the world's largest tapered roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing product combination solution for the LGMS5725 slag vertical mill once manufactured for CITIC Heavy Industries.


TIMKEN Bearings has always made quality, technology, and innovation its business philosophy.

The strong customer quality certification base is proof of the recognition and trust customers place in TIMKEN. For example, with leading-edge technology in railroad and aerospace applications worldwide, its customers have awarded Timken more than 300 quality awards: TIMKEN plants have received more than 80 quality certifications for systems such as ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, QS 9000, AS 9000 and Boeing D19000.

  • Features and advantages of TIMKEN bearings

TIMKEN bearing applications: In the automotive, railroad, steel, machine tools, aircraft, construction machinery, agriculture, and other industrial fields, from disk drives to drilling machines, from dental drills to mill bearings, as long as there is a wheel or shaft in rotation, Timken products can improve its performance. Timken's slogan, "Where You Turn," has long been familiar to customers in China and is recognized by the world's top manufacturing companies, such as Boeing. Timken is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced engineered bearings and alloy steels, and Timken Steel is one of the world's best quality clean steels.

4, Japan NSK

NSK bearings, which began in 1916, are the first to be manufactured in Japan and are the pioneers of bearings in Japan, developing and supplying various types of bearings and making outstanding contributions to improving industries and machinery.

NSK uses a well-structured information network to combine the four regions of Japan, Europe, America, and Asia Pacific into a quadrupole system. NSK's business development in China will further improve the quadrupole system due to its significant presence there.


NSK's main products are bearings, which are very important for the foundation of all machines. NSK's mission is to operate and control, particularly investigating machines' operation/friction phenomenon to ensure smooth rotation and operation.

NSK has established a sales network in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide and has more than 50 factories, ranking among the world's top industries.

Japan NSK bearings, pure materials, high precision products, hundreds of thousands of varieties, and more than 80 years of experience in bearing production. NSK is still constantly improving existing products, research and development of new products, in technology has always maintained a leading edge.

Especially with the widespread use of CNC machine tools and machining centres, industrial machinery into a new stage of mechatronics; this technological progress can not be separated from the ball screw and linear guide as the representative of NSK bearing products. Its high-precision positioning technology in semiconductor manufacturing devices, industrial robots, and other cutting-edge fields is very useful.

In addition, NSK also uses the production of bearings hammered out of precision machining technology from a long time ago through to automotive parts, precision machinery products, electronic applications and other fields of advancement.

As we all know, Sweden's bearing means SKF and Japan's representative products are NSK and NTN, compared to almost. Sweden's SKF is the world's best bearings, more than ten years ahead of other brands. Still, many enterprises or businesses can not afford to use SKF because the price is too high, so the price advantage of Japan's bearings attracts many customers.

Japan has many world-class bearing brands: such as NSK Seiko bearings, NTN bearings, KOYO bearings, etc.

  • Features and advantages of NSK bearings

NSK's main product, bearings, is the foundation of the machinery industry and is known as the "food of the machinery industry"; it effectively ensures the quality of all industrial products; NSK's superior rotational technology and high-precision positioning technology guarantees absolute reliability in the "sub-micron" range. NSK's pursuit of "MOTION&CONTROL" (operation and control) contributes to energy-saving campaigns and resource conservation on a global scale through the endless exploration of friction phenomena and the continuous improvement of rotational and operational efficiency.

NSK Bearing's special product: NSK High Precision Bearing Series, which uses NSK's long-life bearing steel (Z steel), vacuum-refined steel (VAR steel), and ultra-long-life, high-reliability bearing steel (E.P. steel) as materials, and contributes greatly to the performance improvement of machinery used in various industries through superior precision machining technology, as well as to energy and resource conservation. We also contribute to saving energy and resources. For example, TAC02 and TAC03 series of thrust angular contact ball bearings for ball screw support ofmouldingic injection molding machines, TAC B series of high-precision thrust angular contact ball bearings for precision screw support, NSK double-row cylindrical roller bearings for machine tool spindles with high speed and high rigidity, etc.

5, Japan NTN

NTN bearing is a famous bearing brand in the world.

NTN brand bearings from Japan, NTN is one of the world's comprehensive precision machinery manufacturers; NTN bearing company was founded in Japan in 1918, headquartered in Osaka City, Nishi-ku, Japan has 11 production facilities, 25 sales offices and 3 research institutes; in foreign countries have 20 wholly-owned production plants, 2 research institutes and 48 business offices. The current chairman is Taishin Suzuki. NTN Corporation is the fifth largest bearing manufacturer in the world.


NTN is one of the world's comprehensive precision machinery manufacturers and one of Japan's three major bearing companies that entered China in 1971.

NTN is bearing its technology to achieve the world-only milli-micron unit size - nanometer grade precision; this almost extravagant precision has been used in orbiting satellites, aviation, railways and automobiles, paper equipment, office equipment, food machinery, and other industrial sectors in various fields.

NTN's bearings are manufactured with high-precision processing and inspection technology in 0.01-micron units, from ordinary household appliances requiring high performance and low cost to aerospace rockets requiring their bearings to function properly under harsh operating conditions.

  • Features and advantages of NTN bearings

NTN's precision machining technology and unique know-how, developed through the accumulation of a long history of developing bearings, are now widely used to produce precision machinery for use in all fields. This is a new symbol of NTN's development that continues to create new value.

NTN bearings are produced with high-precision processing and inspection technology in 0.01-micron increments. From general household appliances requiring high performance and low cost to aerospace rockets requiring bearings to function properly under harsh operating conditions, NTN bearings have laid the foundation for developing machinery for various industries and applications.

6, Japan THK

THK was the first company in the world to develop and design a method of linear motion through rolling contact. Founded in 1971 in Tokyo, Japan, THK became synonymous with toughness, high quality, and technical application know-how, and gradually began to produce and sell the commercial result: Linear Motion (L.M.) Guideway.


In 1996, THK developed and designed the "ball cage type L.M. rolling guide", especially since the characteristics are significantly higher than the traditional goods. Asia.

THK became the first company in the world to develop and commercialize linear motion (L.M.) guideways in 1972. THK's L.M. rolling guides enable ultra-high precision operation of machine tools and industrial automation machinery and enable semiconductor manufacturing devices to operate in subminiature units.

The system is also used in liquid crystal production lines, railroad buses, handicapped-assisted vehicles, medical equipment, skyscrapers and residences, and entertainment facilities. The scope of use of the L.M. rolling guide has broken through all previous limitations.

It is worth mentioning that Japan THK's L.M. guide equipment has become an essential part of the machinery and electronic systems in various fields. Thk has also developed and designed many other unique mechanical components, including ball splines, ball screws, and connecting rod balls; such components are produced by the company and supplied to users nationwide.

  • Features and advantages of THK bearings

THK" stands for "Toughness", "High Quality", and "Know-how". Know-how". The goal the lingo the advancement of society and try by following these three principles in developing technology and manufacturing products.

THK's L.M. rolling guides enable ultra-high precision operation of machine tools and industrial automation machinery and enable semiconductor manufacturing devices to operate in subminiature units. More recently, the system has also been used in liquid crystal production lines, railroad coaches, handicapped-assisted vehicles, medical equipment, skyscrapers and residences, and recreational facilities.

7, Japan IKO

Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturer with about fifty years of producing and manufacturing needle roller bearings and linear guides.

The production of needle roller bearings in Japan's longest history, the complete types, and the highest level of professional systematization of the manufacturer in countries around the world have a very high reputation.


IKO products are mainly needle bearings and guides.

IKO needle bearing with its special internal structure to achieve a small, lightweight mechanical design.

Guide bearing to needle bearing given by high quality as the basis, with unique machinery and equipment to do precision processing, with the latest machine to work quality evaluation, the product maintains high performance and high-quality level.

The IKO card method to create a four-row cylindrical roller heavy-duty guide is known worldwide; its products are widely used in machine tools and other industry sectors. At this stage, IKO products have become the representative of high-quality brand-name products and become a global marketing network to achieve convenient and fast service commitment for users.

  • Features and advantages of IKO bearings

IKO needle roller bearings are for rotation with slender needle-shaped rollers as rolling elements. Unlike ball bearings, needle roller bearings have low cross-sections and high load capacity. Using needle roller bearings can contribute to the overall simplification and space-saving of machinery. They are widely used in industrial fields such as automobiles, motorcycles, printing machines, industrial robots, and construction equipment.

8, Germany INA

INA bearing a brand name, belongs to the Schaeffler Group's INA-bearing company in Germany.

Since its inception, the German INA bearing company has been committed to product innovation to meet customers' needs and provide a high-quality guarantee, making it the world's premier supplier of rolling bearings and a recognized partner of automotive manufacturers.


From its inception, the company became a world leader in the field of needle roller bearings and soon expanded from the original field of needle roller bearings to a broad product range.

INA develops and produces rolling bearings, plain bearings, linear motion products, and automotive engine components worldwide. The INA brand is commonly used in the automotive industry, including engines, transmissions, and chassis, as well as in its industrial production segment.

INA has an unparalleled technological advantage in fine product forming and thus offers customers an excellent cost-effective solution.

In the industrial production sector, four industry sectors direct the marketing of the INA and FAG brands in production machinery, power transmission and iron, heavy industry, and consumer products, respectively.

  • Features and advantages of INA bearings

Lean rolling bearing technology, advanced production plants, and superior quality standards have made INA bearings famous and long-lasting worldwide. INA bearing products are reliable mechanical parts with both cost and efficiency; INA bearing products are reliable mechanical parts with both cost and efficiency; INA products for rotary and linear motion and even a variety of special technology to provide a variety of different size series. INA products are available in various sizes for various special technologies, providing valuable technical support for designers in all industries.

9, Japan NACHI

NACHI bearings have become one of Japan's four most famous bearing brands.


Since the estabcompany's establishment928, NACHI has continued striving to develop the technology. Today, the company has developed into an analytical electromechanical manufacturer, supplying infrastructure and components for various industries.

With the aim of "expanding technologies by combining various technologies," NACHI has promoted diligent research and development by fully using key technologies such as materials, machining, parts, and systems.

Believing that "only high-quality materials can produce high-quality products," NACHI has become an analytical manufacturer from basic materials to end products. High-quality NACHI products include special steels, cutting tools, bearings, hydraulic installations, robotic systems etc.

  • Features and advantages of NACHI bearings

NACHI can produce products to cover almost all machine industries, including robot systems, lathes, tools, automobiles, large equipment, etc.

What is "Quest"? "Quest" means "exploration and pursuit" of high performance and reliability. This is a new trademark for NACHI's high-performance bearings for industrial machinery. These products are based on Fujikoshi's accumulated technologies in materials, machining, and lubrication and provide customers with bearings of world-class quality with high rigidity, high durability, low noise, and good environmental performance.

10, Japan KOYO

Ltd. was founded in 1921, has 6557 employees, and belongs to the JTEKT group of companies.

Ltd. KOYO SEIKO is one of the four major bearing production groups in Japan, with the world's top production and control equipment; Japan has a division of Tokyo, Nara, lead the field, Toyohashi, Takamatsu, Dejima and Kameyama and other eight main production plants, (all through the ISO9001 certification), overseas across Europe, Asia, North, and South America several production bases and research institutions.


Koyo has just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021 and has recently received an official announcement from its parent company, JTEKT, that from April 1, 2022, Koyo Japan will change its name to JTEKT. This decision is very significant for both parties. It marks the beginning of a real transformation of this Japanese company into a solution provider, covering businesses such as automotive bearings and high-precision products for machine tools, and going further beyond the boundaries of the automotive parts, machine tools, and bearings businesses to provide the cross-industry products and services of JTEKT, thus further meeting the needs of today's customers in various industries.

Since this brand integration involves a considerable number of divisions and business units, the transition of the integrated products under the JTEKT brand will take a long time, which will also involve communication with many customers and the elimination of the Koyo Koyo brand in Japan. According to official expectations, fully completing this transition will take at least 1-2 years or even longer.

Japan KOYO bearings leading products are rolling bearings, deep groove ball bearings, high precision bearings, spherical bearings, housing bearings, flat ball bearings, short cylindrical roller bearings, linear guide bearings, ball screw bearings, micro, small linear guide bearings, cross roller guide bearings, reciprocating rotary bushing bearings, ball slide bearings, cam follower bearings.

  • Features and advantages of KOYO bearings

Japan Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. produces tens of thousands of high-precision, high-quality KOYO bearings for aerospace technology, computer components, motors, high-speed trains, MRT trains, industrial machinery, CNC lathes, high-precision machining machines, automobile, locomotive industry, steel industry... The best choice for important components such as aerospace technology, computer components, motors, high-speed trains, MRT trains, industrial machinery, CNC lathes, high-precision machining machines, automobiles, the locomotive industry, the steel industry, etc.

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